Christ Lutheran School is a private school located in Port Saint Lucie, FL, serving students and families on the Treasure Coast by providing a Classical education with a Christian worldview. Our rigorous curriculum serves students of all abilities as they learn how to engage in a conversation with the past, but also with their fellow citizens. From the earliest ages we seek to train students for the future as we open windows to whatever is true, excellent, beautiful and virtuous.

Latin Instruction

   Classic Literature

       Timeline Approach

Phonics Based. Integrated. Focused

One of the primary emphases of classical education is the development of language. Studies in phonics, Latin, and English grammar are critical to establishing the child’s vocabulary and reading skills. Language is the medium whereby thought is transmitted. By perfecting language proficiency, this course of study increases the child’s capacity to comprehend new material.

Classical curriculum is integrated. This means that no course of study is taught in a vacuum. We believe that all things in nature are integrated together in a useful order by our Creator. As classical educators we strive to highlight the common links between facts and ideas demonstrating their relationship to each other in God's beautiful creation. This approach allows the student to more easily recall facts and ideas which are no longer stand-alone pieces of knowledge, but pieces of knowledge which are interconnected and related to one another in meaningful ways.

Classical curriculum is also focused. It recognizes that child development plays an important role in the way children learn. The classical approach to education fine tunes itself to play to the child's developmental strengths during each stage of development, Grammar, Logic or Rhetoric.

St. Lucie County Regional History Center
Kindergarten students

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